Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress -




Lidia Chiarelli ''Immagine & Poesia - The Movement in Progress -'' A Cross-Cultural Communications Edition, Merrick, New York 2013 ISBN 978-0-89304-994-2






a series of Alessandro Actis's fine art photos.



Cyclamens and Swords Publishing



Cyclamens and Swords Publishing


Cyclamens and Swords Publishing was founded in 2008 by Johnmichael Simon and Helen Bar-Lev. The name is taken from their illustrated book of poetry published by Ibbetson Street Press in 2007 the opening stanza of which appears below: 


"Life should be sunflowers and poetry
symphonies and four o’clock tea
instead it’s entangled
like necklaces in a drawer
when you reach in for cyclamens
you pull out swords"





"The Seventh Quarry" Swansea Poetry Magazine, Issue 19, edited by Peter Thabit Jones

"Edmund Kara's Cabin" by Alessandro Actis is published in "The Seventh Quarry" Swansea Poetry Magazine edited by Peter Thabit Jones, Swansea - Wales, UK


Issue 19, Winter-Spring 2014, page 56



E BOOK: Immagine & Poesia 2014

Volume 1
Immagine&Poesia - vol. 1.pdf
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E Book: Immagine & Poesia 2015

Volume 2
Immagine & poesia-vol.2.pdf
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ITHACA 415 (Point Editions)- January 2016

Times Square, photo by Alessandro Actis - Poem by Lidia Chiarelli Actis
ITHACA 415, Times Square, Lidia Actis, I
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E Book: Immagine & Poesia 2016

E Book: Immagine & Poesia 2017

Immagine & Poesia - E Book Volume 4
Anthology 2017 - Art & Poetry
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E Book: Immagine & Poesia 2018

IMMAGINE & POESIA E Book - Volume 5
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